Curriculum Vitae

Teresia has received grants from:
Swedish Arts Council Grant 2022 -2023
The Swedish Arts Grants Committee / SI in Paris 2023
Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Sweden, for International Exchanges in Europe Usa and China,
2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008,2015, 2016, 2018, 2019
VGR, Sweden, for choreographing new work, 2007, 2008;
Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Sweden, One-year Grant for Artistic Work, 2009, Swedish Arts Grants Committee -Residency, February 2015, Swedish Arts Grants Committee One-year Grant for Artistic Work 2016
Grants from Stockholm Stads Kulturförvaltning and Göteborg Stads Kulturförvaltning 2017
Grant from Viriditas Foundation 2020 for Artistic work.


Science of Theatre at the University of Stockholm

Journalism at Folkuniversitetet, Stockholm

Swedish Television (SVT) Presenters Course

Danshögskolan, Stockholm (Teachers examination)

Dance study at Balettakademien, Stockholm; Paris, Budapest and St. Petersburg, combined with readings, for example with actors Allan Edwall, Marika Lagercrantz and Benny Fredriksson. Before that Royal Swedish Ballet School, Stockholm.

Rehearsals of the piece AMORF for three dancers and the solo called unknown.
Gues ting HolstebroDancecompany in Denmark. Residency at Institute Suedois in Paris. Opening of the exhibition Teresia Björk Dance & Choreography at Scenkonstmuseet in Stockholm. Premiar of both AMORF and unknown during September 2023. Guesting Olga Roriz Dancecompany in Lisbon during November.
The 8th of December Teresia is having a workshop combined with an audition in Stockholm for dancers.
Dec 2022 Teresia had a workshop combined audition for dancers in Stockholm for upcoming productions.
Teresia visited Visby in Gotland to give workshops for proffessionals and students.
Teresia went to Skånes Dansteater Dancecompany in Malmö with her method ” Finding Tools” in November 2022
Region Gotland and County Theatre Gotland offered Teresia a dance residency during the summer of 2022.
Teaching Choreograpic Supervision and Danceanalysis at Balettakademien in Stockholm.

” The Rising Woman” a short film by Eytan Sivak with Teresia won the first Price of Auber International FimlFestival.
Performing at Theater Ö2 within the Fringe Festival
Residency at Share Music 2021
The exhibition ”att släppa ytan och våga hitta nakenheten ” about the work of Teresia was opened at Per Jonsson Dance Center in Ljusdal May 2021.
Teaching Dance Analysis and Choreographic Supervising at BalletAcademy in Stockholm

January 2020 Artist in residence at ACCA Clara Andermatt in Lisbon, teaching at Olga Roriz Dancecompany Lisbon
Premiar of Inre Rum ( Inner Space) at Dansens Hus, Stockholm 12th of February 2020
Teaching Dance Analysis and Choreographic Supervising at BalletAcademy in Stockholm
Teresia gives classes at DC Väst Gothenburg and DC Syd Malmö during January and March.
During February is Teresia in Lisbon, Portugal for a residency at Atelier Real.
The film ” Siri Derkert the Trilogy” will be shown at Västerås Konsthall in March.

2017 – 2018
Teresia has the premiere of the film ”Siri Derkert the Trilogy” at Scandinavian House in New York June 2018. Etsningar and the film goes on tour in Sweden from October until November 2018.
Workinprogress of Etsningar was shown in April at Danscentrum Stockholm. Premiar in Gothenburg at Stora Teatern 3rd of October and then also in Uppsala and Stockholm. In feb/march 2018 Teresia is showing the first and second pieces of the Siri Derkert-triology in Uppsala.

Teaching at Balettakademien (BA) at the Prof DancersEducation/ Stockholm in Composition and Choreography. Ongoing collaborations with choreographer Eytan Sivak/TRIZ, Theater Giljotin, Ingo Reulecke/Berlin, Christopher Engdahl/Stockholm Fylkingen/Stockholm and muscian Manoli Moriaty, Manchester UK Worldpremiar in Beijing ” VI-We-Nous” august 2016 and at Dansmuséet in Stockholm October 12-15th 2016.

2012 -2014
Teaching at Balettakademien (BA), Stockholm: Composition and Choreography/Contemporary Dance. Rehearsal and performance ”Skugga” at Stadsteatern togheter with Mikael Godée, Stockholm. Creation of two pieces for Balettakademien, performed at Scenstudio4 and Dieselverkstan. Premier of ”WITHOUT NAME,” as part of the performance ”TRÄD- Tre Koreografer,” at Stadsteatern, Stockholm. Teresia made the choreography in the theaterpiece at Tribunalen called ” När kriget kommer” .Choreographer and dancer in ”SOL INVICTUS” created by director Nikolaj Danielsen at Moderna Muséet, Stockholm ( five dancers and twelwe actresses)

Teaching at Balettakademien (BA), Stockholm: Composition and Choreography/Contemporary Dance. Guest at various theatres with: “ The Most Pleasant of Dreams” by Per Åhlund. Actress in the movie “Cockpit“ by Mårten Klingberg.
Dancer in the piece “V.E.M” at Theater Pero, Stockholm, February 2012, with Choreographer/Dancer Eddie Edwinsson, and choreography for the Dansarutbildningen Spring performances 2012, BA.

Collaboration with Choreographer Anya Ison Wallace and The Small Ballet (England) at Smålands Musik och Teater, Jönköping, in a duet for two dancers, premier early december. Together with composer Per Åhlund, creation of a new piece for Teresia and a male dancer at Fylkingen, Stockholm, in December.
During November, a tour of the piece ”Beröra och bli berörd” (”Touch and be Touched”) together with percussionist Anna Gustavsson in Västra Götaland, Sweden. Teresia has also collaborated with various culture-profile schools in Stockholm. A guest at BIDE and the Theater La Caldera in Barcelona, in March.
Termik plays ”Angel” in late April, in Dalarna, Sweden.
Teresia and the percussionist Anna Gustavson are in Århus, Denmark, in May, for a residency together with Danseverket.
June/July, Teresia is invited to Tragantdansa and La Caldera in Barcelona for a residency.

During March/April Teresia continues with the New York collaborations and in November plays “Light as Air“ by Ron Padgett on Broadway, together with Choreographer Douglas Dunn.
Teresia appears in ”Domkraft“ by Aase Berg and “Angel” by Charlotte Brady in theatres around Sweden. She is also Artist in Residence in Småland during January-March.

Teresia appears in ”Angel” by Charlotte Brady together with Mikael Godée, touring various venues, and is Artist in Residence in Dalsland, Sweden.
“Domkraft” by Aase Berg has its premier at Pustervik, Gothenburg, on 18th March.

”Underbara Älskade” wins the Audience Prize at the Swedish Film Awards ”Guldbaggegalan”.
Teresia and Mikael Godée (Muscian/Composer ) do 16 performances of their production ”Research” and continue to work together. During November/December they perform at various venues, including Nefertiti and Theater Uno in Gothenburg.

Premier of ”T B Cabaret – get in touch” by Charlotte Brady, February, at Hagateatern, Gothenburg; also at the Swedish Dansbiennalen in May.
Teresia and the German Choreographer Ingo Reulecke guest World Culture Museum with the performance ”Open Space” in March.
During Summer and in November, Teresia collaborates with Teatro de los Sentidos in Barcelona, and also shoots the last scenes of ”Underbara Älskade” (“Suddenly”). In August, Teresia goes to Hollywood to make the commercial ”You Look Great” together with Dustin Hoffman for the fashion company KappAhl, Sweden.
December: ”Underbara Älskade” has its opening at cinemas in Sweden. ( eng title “Suddenly”)

Teresia guests a variety of Dance and Theatre schools, and creates performances and workshops at the Art Museum of Gothenburg and the Museum of Design, Röhsska Museet.
Late Autumn: the first scenes of ”Underbara Älskade” are filmed, together with Director Johan Brisinger and Drama Svecia.

New premier of ”Still Moving?” and a new collaboration with Atalante in Gothenburg during the festival ”UnderMyFeet”. Teresia also plays ”The Watch” on several occasions.

Teresia choreographs at The Royal Festival Hall, London, in the project ”The Exchange” and also makes guest acting appearances in the TV series ”Komissarie Winter (SVT Gothenburg).

Acting and dancing appearances in “Still Moving?” at Riksteatern, Prague Festival and Dansens Hus (Blå Lådan). Teresia also tours her work ”Still Moving?” to London, Berlin and New York.

Teresia directs the play “Känner ni doften av råg?” (Sibyllan, Hedda Sjögren). Acting/Dancing in “Singoalla” (Dir. Anya Ison) at The Curtain Theatre, London.
Choreographer at Orionteatern in “Here I stand naked before you” (dir. Maria Löfgren). Commercial Actress for Sweden’s commercially run television channels and various magazines.

1997 – 2000
Teacher at Balettakademien, Stockholm.
Model for the agency “Stockholmsgruppen.”
Dancer in “Danshotell“ with the Choreographer Jukka Korpi.
Actress in the TV series “1000 Years” on Swedish TV4, role of Ingeborg.

1996 – 1997
Actress in “Death of a Salesman” at Teater Plaza and Folkan, Stockholm, Dir. Thorsten Flinck. Role of ”Jenny,” among others. The production wins Best Play Award at Sweden’s Teaterbiennalen 1997 in Luleå.

1994 – 1996
Choreographer / Assistant Director for “Macbeth” at Spegelteatern, Stockholm, Dir. Peter Böök. Actress in various films shown in France and Japan. Dancer (specially created role) in “Singoalla” by English Choreographer Anya Ison, London.

1992 – 1994
Dancer / Choreographer / Assistant Director at Teater 9, Stockholm.

1991 – 1992
Guest Dance teacher at various cities in Sweden and Kulturama, Stockholm

1990 – 1991.
Dance collaborator with Birgit Cullberg in “Adam end Eve” in Uppsala.

1988 – 1990
Dancer in dance theatre production with American Choreographer Anthony Ferro, Gothenburg.

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